I've forgotten or misplaced my User Name/Password; what do I need to do?
If you do not know your User Name or Password please click on the Having Trouble Signing In link and fill in the two security questions. If your answers match our records then we will email your information. Please contact Registration 989-779-5331 during regular business hours, Monday-Friday: 8:00 am-4:30 pm. You may also email
parks-rec@mt-pleasant.org for your account information.

I'm having problems accessing my account, establishing my account or viewing programs. What should I do?
For information or assistance regarding online registration, please contact registration. Email us at parks-rec@mt-pleasant.org, or call 989-779-5331, Monday-Friday: 8:00 am-4:30 pm.

Is my Password secure?
The Password you receive is assigned to you. For security purposes, it is highly recommended that you change your password immediately.

If your phone number or Household ID number fail to match, please email or call Mt. Pleasant Parks & Recreation at 989-779-5331.

Duplicate households may create a problem so if you are having trouble logging in ? or if you are not sure if you already have an account ? please contact us by phone or email.

Can I add a family member to a household account online?

The new online registration system allows you to:

  • Browse our activity listings

  • Search for activities by: type, age range, location, and other criteria

  • Look up details about any activity, (prices, dates, times, locations, or current enrollment numbers)

  • Enroll for most of our classes and activities

  • Check on class availability

  • Be added to a waitlist if an activity is full

  • Print a transaction history

  • Reprint old receipts

  • Print Child Care Statement for Tax Purposes

The system will not allow you to:

  • Register individuals from other households.

  • Register children who do not meet the specific requirements for a class. For example, minimum age requirements, regardless if you have permission from the instructor. You will need to register in person.

  • Refund a class. If you are seeking a refund please see the Mt. Pleasant Parks & Recreation Refund Policy.

  • Transfer to another class. If you accidentally signed up for the wrong class, or decide to change a class, please contact Registration. 

Can I search for a class if I know the activity name or activity number?

It is possible to search by the activity name or number. If you know the class number, simply select Search > Activity > Search by Number, then type in the activity number for the class you are interested in. Advanced Search gives you the option of searching by the class activity number, name, keywords in the class title, dates and times. Click Search > Activity > Advanced Search.

Can I register for a class that has already started?
If you attempt to register online for a class that has already started, you may receive a notification that online registration is no longer available. If this is the case, please contact Registration to see if you can still register.

My child is not within the posted age requirements. How do I register?
If the participant does not meet the posted age requirements, online registration is not available. Contact the department hosting the program to obtain the instructor?s approval.

How can I pay for online registration fees?
When registering online, we accept credit cards (VISA, MasterCard and Discover). Registrations will not be completed until the payment is made. It is always a good idea to print a receipt and bring it with you to your first class. This will be proof of registration should the participants name not be included on a class roster. Some classes have additional information or forms that need to be completed by a participant or parent/guardian. When completing your online registration, you will be prompted to download these forms.

Will the transaction be secure?
Program fees will be processed with the highest level of security by Mercury Payment Systems, a worldwide Internet payment processor. If you have any pop-up blockers installed, you will need to disable them, or make the City of Mt. Pleasant Online Registration a trusted site: https://registermppr.org. If you do not, you may not be able to receive receipts or view all pages properly. Mt. Pleasant Parks & Recreation has taken all of the necessary precautions to ensure that this is a secure site, similar to any other e-commerce site on the Internet.

Multiple charges for one registration appear on my credit card statement. Why am I being charged so many times?
Each time the ?submit? button is clicked, your credit card will have a pending charge, so it is important that you only click that button once.

What is your refund policy?
All classes and activities cancelled by Mt. Pleasant Parks and Recreation before the start of a program will be refunded in full. Participants requesting a refund before the start of a program are entitled to a refund less an $8 service fee. No refunds are available once a program has begun.

You may request your refund via e-mail at parks-rec@mt-pleasant.org

Can I apply my account credits towards online registration?
If you currently have a credit on your account, it will automatically be applied to your total fees for that transaction during checkout. If you have questions about using your credit, please email at
parks-rec@mt-pleasant.org or call at 989-779-5331 during regular business hours, 8:00 am-4:30 pm.

Why does the billing address have to match the address on my online account?
We use the Address Verification System (AVS). This system verifies address information for credit card processing security reasons.

Who will use my personal information?
Your information is only used to complete the transaction you requested and to analyze trends. Mt. Pleasant Parks & Recreation does not share this information with outside parties except to the extent necessary to complete your order. Mt. Pleasant Parks & Recreation does not sell information about current or former participants to any third parties, and it does not disclose it to third parties, unless necessary to process a transaction you have requested.

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